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"I wish AIESEC every success in the achievement of their objectives. If this was dependent on enthusiasm and energy, you will indeed succeed. However, you will also need the goodwill and support of organisations like mine - which you will have."
Mr. Simon Scarff
Managing Director, Smithkline Beecham Consumer Healthcare India

"AIESEC in India has made a lasting impression in the vigorous way in which its members have worked towards developing bright young people to be top line managers of the future."
Mr. Ratan Tata
Chairman, Tata Industries

"I believe that the various programmes conducted by AIESEC both nationally and internationally, create a great opportunity for the business students of today, to enlarge in meaningful and gainful activity."
Mr. Adi Godrej
Managing Director, Godrej Soaps Ltd.

"Global-mindedness" in the business world today is no longer just an asses, it's a necessity. I'm proud that Chrysler and AIESEC are working together to provide professional development opportunities to the global managers of tomorrow."
Mr. Lee Iacocca
C E O, Chrysler Corporation

"AIESEC is, I know, committed to management education in an international context and the development of contacts between students and employees. This commitment together with your effort to improve links between the industry and educational sector, ensures that AIESEC is making an important contribution towards meeting the needs of tomorrow."
Mr. John Major
Former Prime Minister, UK

"In today's rapidly changing market place, the leaders or business and industry must be prepared to meet new challenges and opportunities. By offering young people direct practical experience in a foriegn enterprise, AIESEC gives them a wonderful chance to learn more about the values and customs of other people."
Mr. George Bush
Former President, USA

"AIESEC gives its members the opportunity to learn and practive practical skills for both professional and personal development."
Swiss Bank Corporation

" I have great respect for the quality and caliber of AIESEC India members as also the programmes which they have undertaken. This orgnisation will undoubtedly make a significant contribution in identifying and developing future managers."
Mr. David Thomas
Chairman and Managing Director, Procter & Gamble India Ltd.

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