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The full exchange process is a life long process. Exchange is not simply a process of bringing one university student or graduate from one country to another and placing them in a job. It includes an involvement with different community projects and AIESEC activities. It is how AIESEC stimulates leadership development in the youth, while contributing to our communities.

The physical exchange is an integral part of the exchange process where his/her values, skills and attitudes are challenged in a completely different environment. It is a life changing experience. And its positive effects can't fail to rub off on you or your company, for, interaction with new situations and perspectives are a challenging way to learn.

ITEP places students in an international work environment for a temporary period of time. Designed for students in 84 countries, it offers them an opportunity of a traineeship abroad to gain new international experiences and views. It contributes towards AIESEC's vision of developing individuals to have an impact on society. Since 1949, this programme has facilitated the exchange of over 150,000 students, making it AIESEC's oldest and most successful programme.

The programme is a reciprocal international work-exchange programme in which every job raised in India for an international trainee provides an Indian student with the opportunity of participation.

How exactly does this exchange process work? 

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