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End Term Traineeship Evaluation Form
For Aiesec Trainees


SN ID Number



Evaluate each item below. First, evaluate your level of satisfaction with your experience with AIESEC's service in regards to each item. Second, evaluate how important that item is to you overall. Mark the boxes corresponding to the level of satisfaction and importance that you feel toward each item.

   (low) Satisfaction (high)            (low) Importance (high)



Company policies were clearly explained
Traineeship provides challenging and rewarding work
Number of hours worked per week was at an appropriate level
Feedback from the supervisor is given regularly
Overall relations with other employees and supervisors
Qualifications requested for this traineeship match the work requested
Compensation was adequate to cover living expenses

What do you think have been your key learnings from the traineeship?

In which ways could the quality of this traineeship have improved?
Which were the Reception events you were involved in during your traineeship?
Please mention three things that you wanted to do during your traineeship but couldn't.
Please comment on your overall experience of being a trainee in India.
Please comment on your overall experience and impression of AIESEC in India.
Does your local committee have a re-integration plan? If yes, please decribe it briefly.
Name 5 AIESECers you got to know best during your stay in India.


Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Copyright AIESEC Delhi IIT, 1998-99