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Mid Term Traineeship Evaluation Form
For Aiesec Trainees


SN ID Number



Evaluate each item below. First, evaluate your level of satisfaction with your experience with AIESEC's service in regards to each item. Second, evaluate how important that item is to you overall. Mark the boxes corresponding to the level of satisfaction and importance that you feel toward each item. All responses in this evaluation will remain completely confidential.

                                                                (low) Satisfaction (high)      (low) Importance (high)

The company start date was clearly communicated
An adequate reception packet was received before arrival
Adequate communication took place prior to arrival
A good airport reception was received upon arrival
Adequate choices for housing were secured upon arrival
An orientation of local transportation systems was given
Adequate involvement with non-AIESECers in the city
First week city orientation was given
First day company introduction was given
Visa procedures were clarified adequately
Insurance coverage was verified
How can AIESEC improve its reception services?
Do you have any suggestions for our web based reception package?
Local Committee Involvement
Expectations of the traineeship have been discussed with the Local Committee
Adequate country and cultural orientation by the Local Committee
Informed frequently about Local Committee meetings
Informed about AIESEC social events
Informed about AIESEC conferences
Adequate number of reception events were held
Invited to make cultural presentations to the Local Committee
Overall relations and communication with the Local Committee
Options for community service were offered
How can AIESEC improve its involvement between you and the Local Committee?
Job Satisfaction
Traineeship adequately fulfills its job description
Proper orientation to the workplace was given
Company policies were clearly explained from the start
Traineeship provides challenging and rewarding work
Feedback from the supervisor is given regularly
Overall relations with other employees and supervisors
Qualifications requested for this traineeship match the work requested
AIESEC support at the work place when required
In which ways can the quality of this traineeship improve?
Would you like to travel around the country? If so, where? How much would you be willing to spend?
On which of the following would you want to reduce expenditure?
 Others (Please specify)
Name 5 AIESECers that you know best in the Local Committee.
Other comments or suggestions.


Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Copyright AIESEC Delhi IIT, 1998-99.