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Pre-Arrival Traineeship Expectation Form

For Aiesec Trainees

Trainee     SN ID Number                      
Company Date of expectation setting     
Please help us in getting you the most out of this experience of a lifetime. Be as objective as possible in filling out this form and feel free to add any comments, suggestions or requests wherever necessary. This information is for our internal use only and will be kept strictly confidential.
What type of accommodation would you prefer? (please rank the following in order of preference)

With another trainee
With non-AIESEC foreigners
With non-AIESEC Indians
Company accommodation (if available)
Youth hostel
Others (please specify)
What percentage of your stipend are you willing to spend on

Apart from a bed, a chair, a fan and bathroom, please specify which of the following you require/prefer? (Mark R/P)

Cooking Facilities
Heat Convector
Air Cooler
Others (please specify)
How much time are you willing to spend commuting to/from work everyday?
How soon after your arrival would you like to start working?
Would you like AIESEC to arrange an Internet Relay Chat with the Company and hosting Local Committee to clarify doubts, expectations, etc.(y/n)?
Is there any place of interest/city that you would like to visit upon arrival and before you start working? If so, please specify.
Would you like a home-stay with an AIESECer and his/her family for a period of 4-6 days for an insight into Indian society and culture (y/n) ?
What of preparation activities has your local committee organised for you?
What are your three most important objectives for the traineeship?
To what extent are you willing to help or be involved in local committee's activities during your traineeship?
Can you conduct training sessions on any particular subject? If yes, what?
What are your hobbies/interests?
Do you require any further information from AIESEC Delhi IIT about your traineeship?

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

AIESEC Delhi IIT, 1999-2000