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Welcome to the new AIESEC Delhi IIT Web site. Exactly a year ago, DI launched it's site at this very address - a site that would lead the way for other Local Committee web sites in India. 12 months later, Delhi IIT hopes to relive the euphoria and the excitement the web site had created in and around the existing AIESEC communities all over the globe. Indeed, the job then was much harder, and all the IS Team had to do this time was to give the existing content a prettier face. We hope that our predecessors won't be disappointed at our effort to showcase the outstanding content they provided the DI web site.

The main changes to the web site are

At the end of two endless, tiresome weeks of HTML, Images, Formatting, Photoshop, NoteTab Pro, FrontPage and unearthly sleeping hours we'd like to offer our thanks to the following people

Anand, Pranay, Saurav, Saurabh & Gagan
IS Team
AIESEC Delhi IIT 99-2000