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The Trainee Nomination Process


The Goals of the session are


•    To describe how the TN process is being implemented in AIESEC DELHI IIT

•    To highlight the best practices

•    To identify sections of it where we lack competency or/and have ignored

•    To find solutions and decide next steps

•    To see where all the TN process can falter


The incoming cycle has the following stages


•    Marketing

•    Procedures

•    Preparation

•    Reception and Integration

•    Re-integration and Servicing




•    No of companies hit out to last year by the TN department was 19

•    Total raisings = 18-4 = 14

•    No of re-raisings were 8

•    Therefore new additions were 6 from 4 companies


•    And this when you had the TN department and the Marketing departments doing marketing


Next Steps

•   Research on companies

•   Research on available interns

•   Networking

•   Marketing techniques







A)      Division of departments


•    Three departments each with a primary objective in mind


   For the TN department, raising 25 and realizing 30 forms (including the rest of LC raising) is the primary objective


B)      Research on companies


•    Sectored division between departments. This would lead to greater research per sector and then, as a result, the relevant departments can approach the company

•    Use of CII library to obtain annual reports, project info etc.

•    use of the World Wide Web

•    In case any of you come across any relevant info about some companies that AIESEC is targeting, then please let the AM know


C)      Research on AIESEC SN’s


•    Traineeship Profiler

•    XMI

•    Case Studies

•    Exchange Lists (int-exchange, int-voice, int-tdp, in-tn etc)


•    In case the company wants a specific form, please consult your VPTN.


The following TN's should be raised


•    Marketing

•    Engineering

•    Finance

•    Accounting

•    Researchers

•    Economics

•    Project Managers




•    The concept of networking, though known, was never nearly utilized to its fullest.

•    CII

•    ACMA

•    TOI

•    French Embassy

•    NFI

•    and a host of others


Over selling


•    Please do not over sell The International Traineeship Exchange Programme

•    Do not promise traineeships in backgrounds that we do not have or in too short a period

•    With enough research on the available SN’s, their academic backgrounds, countries etc., this is one aspect of marketing that has to be done away with.


Multiple Traineeships


How does AIESEC benefit?


•    Greater number of exchanges

•    Greater impact on our members

•    Less effort required in raising and we can concentrate on reception and integration

•    Better quality of job-roles

•    Easy to coordinate reception once systems in place

•    Ensures re-raising


How a company benefits?


•    Cost effective vise-a-vive head hunters when a company is looking at project based recruitment from overseas

•    Orientation and integration is easier for the company

•    Greater Productivity


Ways to achieve these Multiple Traineeships


•    Remove mind set that one trainee is enough.

•    Actively pursue 2+

•    Research for vacancies in other departments. If there is are openings in a company then there is no reason that AIESEC should not be the source of those needs

•    Use of marketing tools like case studies.


Filling the Job Questionnaire



•    Job Profile is a quality one

•    Salary and work schedule for the traineeship leave adequate time for cultural interaction

•    Verify all legal aspects of the organisation prior to getting them involved with exchange



·        No form is deemed raised/coded into INSIGHT till the Cheque is in the hands of your OCVPF

·        All cheques to be in the name of AIESEC IIT DELHI



Matching your form


•    Insight matching. Press the match button

•    Actively edit your form

•    Use of Browse Forms Option

•    Use of your VPTN international contact

•    All initial mails to these contacts will be send by your VPTN

•    Use you National Committee

•    Use Strategic International Conferences

•    Use Matching Manual

•    Use your trainees, both SN and TN

•    Remember: The more matchable your form, the easier will this cycle be


Communication with the company


•    Send weekly updates. Can be through e-mails and faxes, or through telephone calls

•    Introduce them to the BFO option

•    Show them Insight

•    Please clarify all doubts with the company. Do not assume beyond your knowledge.






Communication with the Trainee


•    Please keep in constant touch with the prospective SN

•    Even if the form is rejected, please inform the SN as soon as possible

•    Up till now, we have been very good in this department




•    Please keep a copy of it and fax it to the SN

•    Should specify the dates, duration and stipend clearly

•     Before giving the resume to the company, please have the student acceptance with you






•    The organisation is prepared for the cultural aspects of the exchange

•    All legal aspects are covered before realizing the traineeship

•    Expectations are clarified with then trainee and Local Committee

•    Members are ready for this experience


Two assets of AIESEC DELHI IIT


•   Communication

•   Reception Package


Where we need to improve


•    Actually use the Expectation Form that the trainee fills in

•    Prepare the Local Committee for this trainee

•    Make sure the SN is in touch with the other trainees (the good ones that is)

•    Ask the SN to make a country presentation

•    Reception Plans for the initial weeks should be planned







Reception and Integration




•    The structure of home-stay if followed

•    Expectation setting happens between AM and trainee. Open communication channels

•    Introduction to Local transport and basic cultural integration

•    LC is aware of the fact that there is a trainee down


From the company point of view


•    Expectation meeting happens with the AM present

•    Communication channels decided




•    Delhi IIT’s reception is poor compared to the high standards its members set for themselves

•    Only a handful of members are actually involved in Reception

•    If we are to realize 30 Quality traineeships, then reception and integration has to be the best in the entire TN process 

•    Remember: We do reception because we want to do it




•    Reception Officer  -- Dheeraj Aneja

•    Cooperation with DU

•    Regional reception weekends

•    LC-Trainee interaction at organized events

•    Involve the trainee in AIESEC activities or community development if so desired

•    Standardization of systems

•    Evaluations, both company and trainee, must be filled in time and acted upon



•    At work

•    regular communication with the trainee (not necessarily with the manager)

•    Set guidelines with the manager about how to communicate

•    Evaluations





•    Case studies

•    Trainee essay

•    Evaluations sent to all concerned

•    Re-raise the forms and network further in it

•    Communicate with the trainee on his return

•    Extend all possible help that the trainee may require during this process


So, if we follow
these steps,

AIESEC Delhi IIT can
definitely realise

30 quality Traineeships
in the term