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1)      YDEP Performance in the LC:    4 forms raised, 3realised and 1 scrapped.

2)     International Scenario::

¨       only about 16 countries are doing YDEP seriously, TN and SN seriously.

¨       But there is a change….YDEP is being taken seriously by AI. YDEP will be a membership reviewal criteria…….Ade Martosudirjo is the YDEP contraoller on AI.

3)      Administration fee:  has been increased form Rs 500 to Rs 1000 and has to be increased to Rs 2000 by the year 2001-2002.

4)      Do not raise a form when WHEN:

¨       The job role is not clearly defined.

¨       A minimum monetary stipend has to be there.

5)      Marketing YDEP :   

¨       For the same services provided the admin fee charged to a corporate is Rs 8000 while that charged to a Non-Profit is Rs 1000.

¨       The commitment of the YDEP trainee is unquestionable as the stipend paid is seldom enough to cover the living expenses of a trainee, despite that the trainee is willing to come down for the t’ship. For eg Mia for Katha

¨       All specifications of organisation are taken of…give the JQ form to highlight this…

¨       Stipend paid is not standardised…it all depends on how much can u milk out of the organisation.


Never fail to mention  

¨       Mr Shankar Ghose from NFI is on our BOA…and has himself taken t’ships.

¨       Udyaan Care has had 2 succeful t’ships and has agreed to take in a third one.

¨       Krista and her experiences.

¨       Case studies on Udayan Care.

¨       Remko’s article

¨       Katha

¨       Depalaya

¨       Trainees in August.

Financial Sustainability

¨       YDEP is not financially sustainable thro x-change.

¨       We will have to look for other options.