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    Congratulations, on having qualified to go on an AIESEC traineeship !


AIESEC Delhi IIT wishes its trainees the best of luck for the amazing and very productive experience that lies ahead for you. The links below should enable you to find out most of the information you would need to travel to a new country, live and work there. Do explore these links and get ready for an experience of a lifetime as an AIESEC trainee !!!

                       Lonely planet Locate a country & find out more about it. 
                       Locate an Embassy Embassy locations around the world and visa/passport  connections.
                       Travel all over ! Flights, Getting Around & Customs
                       Medical Requirements Necessary vaccinations and health recommendations for traveling.                        Travel Cheap all over the world !
                       Packing and other Tips for the Road How to travel with ease-pack only what you need!
                       Round-the-World Travel Guide: A Must-See guide about the forgotten details of travel.                        Check out various festivals & foodstuff from all over the world !          

                    How to Be Contacted While Abroad
                          Telephone tips: Calling cards and other international calling services useful around the world.
                       Electronic Mail: Getting connected, Cyber Cafes, Portables.  Staying on top of your mail while                          abroad.
                       Receiving and Sending mail: How to make sure your mail gets to the right place!
                       Faxing: How to keep it inexpensive and the how to fax through the internet.
                    News & Current Affairs
                           Keep in Touch with Indian & Worldwide news    

                         Currency Conversions : Find out how much your money is worth around the world.
                      Conversions! Another site to convert your money or measurements.

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