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Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 05:59:09 -0400
Author: "" <>
Subject: SN-In-CO-JA-1999-3
Body: Student name: Claudia J Pe=F1a

Academic and working backgrounds
Introductory Accounting
Industrial Management
International Management
Introductory Management / Business Administration
Organisation Management & Planning
Personnel / Human Resource Management
Project Management
Transportation / Distribution Management
Introductory Marketing
Market Evaluation and Research
Product Planning, Development and Control

Language and level
Spanish Native
English Excellent

Education Background

University: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Course: Industrial Engineering
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Years: 9
Grad Year: 1997

University: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Course: Certificate in Logistics
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Years: 1
Grad Year: 1999

Community Development
Drivers licence
MS Dos
MS Windows 3.xx
MS Windows 95
Financial Management skills
Leadership skills
Marketing / Selling skills
Organisational Management
Presentation skills
Project Management
Team Management
Training/ Facilitating skills
Internet Users skills
PC user skills

Geographical Preference
English speaking World

Date preferences (MM/DD/YY)
Start Date: 9/1/99
End Date: 1/1/01

Duration preference
Min Weeks: 32
Max Weeks: 78

Fields of Experience
Business Administration
Information Technology

Working experience

Organization: UNILEVER Colombia
Title: Trainee
Responsabilities: Logistics and Distribution
Duration: 6 Months

Organization: DHL Colombia
Title: Training Coordinator
Responsabilities: Human Resources
Duration: 17 Months

SN priority levels for preferences
Traineeship Focus: Least Important
Business Type: Important
Country: Very Important
Duration: Least Important
Date: Least Important

Commitee Information:
AIESEC Javeriana
Member: AIESEC in Colombia
Fax: +(571) 2887969
Phone: +(571) 3208320 Ext. 5271
Phone: +(571) 6156259
Email: AIESEC Javeriana
Email: AIESEC Javeriana
Email: AIESEC Javeriana
LC Distribution list:

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