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Results of search for: Consumer & Buyer Behaviour Import - Export English International Marketing Market Evaluation & Research

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 07:17:02 -0400
Author: "" <>
Subject: SN-In-NL-TL-1999-10
Body: Student name: Michiel van der Ros

Academic and working backgrounds
Introductory Accounting
Industrial Management
International Management
Introductory Management / Business Administration
Organisation Management & Planning
International Trade & Balance of Payment
Introductory Economics
Introductory Finance
Advertising & Public Relations
Consumer & Buyer Behaviour
Import - Export
International Marketing
Introductory Marketing
Market Evaluation and Research
Product Planning, Development and Control
Retail & Sales Marketing
Introductory Math

Language and level
Dutch Native
English Excellent
French Basic
German Basic
Spanish Basic

Education Background

University: Tilburg University
Course: Marketing
Degree Level: Masters
Years: 9
Grad Year: 1999

University: University of Alberta
Course: Marketing
Degree Level: Masters
Years: 1
Grad Year: 1997

Drivers licence
MS Dos
MS Windows 3.xx
MS Windows 95
Leadership skills
Marketing / Selling skills
Organisational Management
Presentation skills
Project Management
Team Management
Training/ Facilitating skills
Internet Users skills
PC user skills

Geographical Preference
Meditteranean countries
Latin America
Central America
Northern South America
South America
Southern South America
French speaking Europe
French speaking World
Spanish speaking world

Date preferences (MM/DD/YY)
Start Date: 10/1/99
End Date: 2/1/00

Duration preference
Min Weeks: 8
Max Weeks: 16

Fields of Experience

Working experience

Organization: Internship marketing, Heineken
Title: internship
Responsabilities: segmentation research
Duration: 6 Months

Organization: Export analysis, Kappa GSF Packaging
Title: internship
Responsabilities: export research
Duration: 6 Months

SN priority levels for preferences
Traineeship Focus: Least Important
Business Type: Important
Country: Important
Duration: Very Important
Date: Very Important

Commitee Information:
AIESEC Tilburg
Member: AIESEC in Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)13 466 2573
Fax: +31 (0)13 466 2216
Email: AIESEC Tilburg
LC Distribution list:

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