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Get to know what kind of jobs AIESEC traineeships offer, how they are customized for you and what is so special about them. Click here if you are intersted in going for a traineeship. Read about the minimum qualifications required for going on an international traineeship and how you will be selected finally. AIESEC is the most cost effective solution ever! Read how. Frequently Asked Questions and how to get in touch with AIESEC for more information.

What is AIESEC?

Imagine getting the opportunity to work in any one of 80 countries in the world. Imagine being placed in some of the biggest corporate organisations of the world. Imagine a life-changing experience in a culture totally different from yours, one that will affect your perception of this world forever. And then imagine reality.

AIESEC has been offering people from 740 campuses in over 80 countries these very opportunites for over 50 years now. From the stringent selection procedure to the preperation seminars held by professionals, the entire process is a thoroughly streamlined one. AIESEC members from your city will be in touch with you throughout the entire traineeship period, while you will be experiencing a totally different work ethic and culture with the help of the AIESEC members in the host city. 

Go ahead. Make your life extraordinary.



Please direct questions, comments or suggestions about AIESEC traineeships to the Vice President, Outgoing Exchange

(91) 11 4101031