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S Datta
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DI Available Traineeships
  Company (# forms) Deadline Duration Job Description Academic Qualif. Language Comments
  Escorts AMG ( 1 ) ASAP 52-78 wks Internal audit of co. & also Business Admn., Fin- English N 1 Billion $ company.
  TN-In-IN-DI-1999-30     prepare feasibility reports. ance, Market Evaluat-   Offers the best in
        Market Research and Product ion and International   work environment &
        selling strategies.   Marketing.Mechanical   benefits.  
  Jindal Strips (Steel) ASAP 8-16 wks International Marketing, With Market Evaluation & English A One of the leading
  TN-In-IN-DI-1999-5     R & D / Design facility. Research, Marketing.   companies in its field.
        Understanding product range &     Sat. half day working.
        researching markets abroad.     Personal desktop &
              Office space.
              Training is offered.
  SmithKline B ( 2 )            
  TN-In-IN-DI-1999-19 Apr-00 8-12 wks HR Management   HR Management and English N Modern AC Offices.
          organisational plann-    
  TN-In-IN-DI-1999-18 Apr-00 8-12 wks Study the Indian FMCG Market & Market Evaluation & English N Modern AC Offices.
        Devise Marketing Strategies. Research, Retail and   Certain Benefits.
          Sales.International M-    
  RMSI (Insurance)            
  TN-In-IN-DI-1999-15 ASAP 8-78 wks Capital Allocation, Insurance, Insurance, Financial English N Excellent lab facilities
        Actuarial Sciences with an Management & Basic   along with the best
        International focus. technical skills.   corporate offices.
  G.D. Goenka Public Jul-00 32-40 wk. Teaching Traineeship & Advanced Education, English A Top Class Work Environ.
  School       Academic Evaluation. Social Sc., Maths & French B 35 hour week only +
  TN-In-IN-DI-2000-24       a Bachelor's degree in   great benefits.
  ITC Hotels ( 6 ) Apr-00 24-28 wks Add to globalising the Hotel & Restaurant English A International Deluxe
  TN-In-IN-DI-2000-10     services offered by the Co. Management/Tourism   class Hotels. Good
      Hospiltality Industry, F&B, Front Marketing along with   fringe benefits.Please
        Office along with Sales and Consumer and Buyer   visit the URL for info.
        Customer Satisfaction. behaviour.
              Openings in Major City
P S i (2)   ASAP 8-12 wks Market Research. Analysis Marketing/Market E- English A (1) Modern Corporate Office
        of local market trends etc. valuation & Research. German A (1) Personal workstation &
        Work in the Consulting dept. Introductory Engg.   workspace along with
              dedicated Internet Termi-
              nal. For company info visit