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Society looks to leaders to encourage development and change. Today AIESEC gives young action-oriented individuals the opportunity to develop the skills, values and awareness necessary to become the socially minded leaders of tomorrow. These are the same entrepreneurs who will lead transnationals and corporations of tomorrow. Thus, AIESEC aims at developing these leaders into what we call 'social entrepreneurs'.

The physical exchange is an integral part of the exchange process where his/her values, skills and attitudes are challenged in a completely different environment. It is a life changing experience. And its positive effects can't fail to rub off on you or your organization, for, interaction with new situations and perspectives are a challenging way to learn.

The Youth Development Exchange Programme is essentially an exchange programme attempting to bridge the gap between the student community and the Developmental Sector. This programme involves the temporary placement of students in Developmental organisations of different countries, for a minimum period of six weeks, through what are known as Development Traineeships. This programme is an effort towards creating a deeper and more sensitive understanding of the developmental problems that plague certain parts of the world. It helps increase recognition of organizations in the student community as crucial to their country's development.

The programme is a reciprocal international work-exchange programme in which every job raised in India for an international trainee provides an Indian student with the opportunity of participation.

How exactly does this exchange process work? 

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