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Assistant Traineeship

An assistant trainee is primarily an undergraduate. This is the ideal way in which your company can test the potential of AIESEC interns, and also find out about foreign markets and products. This is generally a short term traineeship, lasting from 6 to 12 weeks.
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Management Traineeship

A management trainee is the next level of traineeship. The trainee will already have some kind of managerial experience, and would be working in some sort of managerial capacity in the company. The field in which the trainee works would depend on the company's requirements. A management trainee is usually a graduate, or could also hold a master's degree, if the company requires it. This type of traineeship can be short to medium term.
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Market Research Traineeship

A market research traineeship is a more speacilised type of traineeship. An intern for this type of traineeship would have worked in market research, and would also have had market research as a field of study. Market researchers could be bachelor's or master's degree holders. The duration of this type of traineeship is quite flexible and could be either medium or long term.
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Specialist Traineeship

This type of traineeship is usually more project based, and the trainee is usually give a particular assignment to work on. The trainee's level of responsibility in this type of traineeship is much higher than that of the other three types of traineeships - the trainee can lead or coordinate a project team or unit. The specialist trainee is usually a holder of a master's degree in his/her filed. A specialist traineeship is generally long to medium term, lasting from 26 to 78 weeks.
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